IV/IM Nutrient Supplements

IV/IM Nutrient Supplements

Intravenous therapy (IV) delivers nutrition directly to your bloodstream (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants). It ensures the nutrients you need for well-being (fatigue, daytime sleepiness, focus issues, and energy issues) are at optimal concentrations to be naturally delivered to your body. The delivery of nutrients is made as safe, fast, and reliable as possible. With this rapid absorption rate, you can feel the energizing effects immediately, and your body processes this essential nutrition more efficiently.Sometimes the body needs a vitamin and mineral boost. This can be done quickly and easily through customized intramuscular (IM) nutrient injections. This quick treatment is perfect for those who do not have time for a full IV treatment but still want to feel more energized in no time!IV Nutrient Supplements and Vitamin injections are just one of the many treatments that Bloom MedSpa in New London, MN, offers. To learn more about IV/IM Nutrient Supplements or to schedule an appointment, please call or text us at 320-815-8072, or you may conveniently book your appointment online.

IV Nutrient Supplements

Alleviate IV

Get-up-and-GO IV

Immunity IV

Inner Beauty IV

Myers' Cocktail IV


Normal Saline Liter

Quench IV

Reboot *Hangover* IV

Recovery & Performance IV

Hair Restoration Bundle


Nutrient Supplement Injections

IM B12 Injection

Vitamin D IM

IM MIC Injection

Immunity Boost IM

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